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My name is Denise Armour; a singer in the
Chicagoland area.

Here you'll find information
about me, plus a calendar.

You'll also find a sample list of songs to give you an
idea of the variety of music I perform. Also - visit my
Venues page.

Listen to a selection of audio here.

You can expect a "Mix of Music" with familiar
melodies, ballads, upbeat rhythms and heart-felt
passion topped with fun, songs you'll recognize and
want to sing-along to plus dance music.

Big Band, Ballads & Standards, Pop, Motown, Soul,
R&B, Jazz, Soft Rock, Easy Listening and Disco
from yesterday through today.

I am always delighted to hear from visitors to the site.

Please join my
mailing list, share your pictures,
comments and ideas via my
Facebook page, Twitter
Google+ page, Yelp or feel free to email me.


If you are interested in booking a date...
Please call: 847-882-7172 or
contact me.

Thank you for visiting and for your support!
Copyright  2012. All Rights Reserved.

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